Help !  


Hey guys,

So heres the story, I am naturally skinny and i know most people are like “why are you complaining?” BUT believe me when i say this “Its the worst thing i’ve ever had to deal with”. 

Everyday since i was young i have to put up with

“Gee you need to eat more” or

“Your all bones” or

“You dont look so good have you lost weight”.

Everyday i look at myself hating what i see, No matter what i do i cant gain weight. I eat so much and i can lift just as much as any other person. Again you may think thats awesome but its not. It makes me cry and yet no one understands. So i’ve built up a protection against the comments but its hard when people dont consider how it much hurt their words cause. It’s just as bad as being called obese. 

So here are my questions…

Is there anyone in the same boat?

Is there anything i can do to help me gain weight?

Please i’m desperate now to change and i want the comments to change.

ask me questions, get to know me! 

I think ya’ll should ask me questions, because I’m bored and I think you should get to know so here’s me inbox, question me maybe?

My interests include:

  • Greys Anatomy
  • Private Practice
  • Rizzoli and Isles
  • GLEE
  • Law and Order SVU

Question me maybe?