I have just created an Arizona Robbins Twitter Roleplay account and I am looking for roleplaying partners! If you’re interested, send me a message or you’re welcome to tweet me @mcdimples_md

life as i know it: Appropriate answers for Arizona to use when asked out to coffee: 


  • yes, I’d love to go for coffee, let me just go get Callie.
  • no thank you, I told my wife we’d grab a bite before my surgery
  • of course, let me just go pick up my kid from day care real quick for the lunch break and I’ll text Callie to meet us there.
  • no, thank you so much Lauren but I’m all set….

I had a lot of misconceptions about what it was like to be an actor in Hollywood. You have all these ideas in your head of what it means, and they get completely shattered as soon as you get here.”


Sorry guys but I wont be online for the next couple of days, having surgery on my knee tomorrow. Btw, my ortho doctor looks exactly like Calliope of Grey’s Anatomy, freaky right? Maybe I should ask her if she has a wife as hot as Arizona?